aWake All Day

You Want  To Live The Wake Life. All Day. And We Want  To Help You Do That.
With Propulsion Technology That Shreds All The Rest.


ZF Marine’s 48IV and 68IV transmissions are specifically designed for extreme watersports.

ZF Marine’s new 48IV and 68IV transmissions meet the increasing power ratings and heavy loads of today’s watersports boats, and are upgraded to the demands of the watersports duty cycle. The evolution of watersports from water skiing to wakeboarding, and now wakesurfing, has significantly increased the demands expected from today’s propulsion systems. Bottom line, you’re looking for the largest wake possible.


ZF 48IV:

  • Increased horsepower capacity for today‘s High Output Engines
  • Available Ratios: 1.2, 1.46, 1.73, and 1.95
  • New hydraulics
  • Reinforced housing and strengthened internal components for long-life durability
  • Pass-through shaft design for easy installation and service

ZF 68IV:

  • Available Ratios: 1.3, 1.56, 1.75, 2.0, and 2.5
  • New case and gear-sets are optimized for lower sound levels
  • Sensor Ready (plug and play sensors for transmission monitoring)
  • PTO (Accepts auxiliary pumps for ballast and hydraulic applications)
  • Can be driven full-power fwd or rev for twin-engine installations
  • Smooth-Shift hydraulics for precise clutch control

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